What is Holistic Dentistry?

If you look for a meaning holistic, you will find out it comes from the word “whole, ” and it combines and emerges a new field of probiotic dental medicine. Holistic Dentistry supports the life process and uses it for medical treatment. Thanks to physiologic and electronic methods it is easy to locate chronic disease areas.

Our Services

We offer you a complete examination and the treatment after we discover the chronic area. Every process we perform will be completely natural and safe. We will use every natural process to heal you. Without any chemical treatment, we will recover your body and make you healthy again.

We are the best equipped holistic dentist in Seattle. We’ve been around for more than 20 years and have developed our business to perfection.

Before you take any new method or treatment, you should consult with your dentist. He is certainly going to help you to decide which one to choose. After all, he is the one who is familiar with your case and who was tracking the history of disease from the very first beginning. Therefore, he is probably the person who knows the most about the disease.

Holistic Dentist Office

We can say that we are proud of our team that has been treated people of Seattle for more than a decade. Our team is divided into groups, and every group is specialized for one area to improve our methods. Thanks to our management these teams are more than well organized and make the whole that is almost perfect, like a holistic dentistry. All you need to do is to make an appointment and leave everything to us.



“The doctors told me that my teeth are practically ruined and that my gums are so damaged that there is not recover for mine. On the contrarily holistic treatment completely recover my gums in only 3 months.”


“I started using these methods when I was only 20 years old, as recommended by a dentist in oceanside sandiego. The reason was that my dentist told me I had periodontitis. He recommended me to give it a try, and I didn’t regret at all.”


“My experience is more than excellent. I am glad that my dentist recommends me this soft therapy that helped me to avoid all kinds of chemical and aggressive treatment. “

Our advice is to read other client’s opinion and go for the least aggressive one, especially at the beginning. You need to get used to new methods of treatments and to adjust your body for a completely new process in your life. The good thing is that holistic dentistry usually follows the natural process from your surroundings and it cannot harm you at all. There is no aggressive approach, and it is completely natural.


Dentistry with hyperglycemic patient

Dentistry with hyperglycemic patient

Patients with elevated blood sugar have to be treated with additional care. The first thing to check is the actual level of blood glucose. If any invasive dentistry takes place, the patient must not have a blood glucose level lower than 200 mg/dL. The emotional stress...